What is the Best Wallet For Men?

What is the Best Wallet For Men?

From keeping business cards for networking to picking up groceries, wallets are quite an essential accessory of man life. Then why settle for a boring, not so classy wallet. Your wallet is often your first impression, your everyday carry, and your sidekick. Outback leather wallets have a wide enough variety for every type of personality. Take a look at a few of our best wallets and see what you think.

The Card Holder

Best suited for a bit of cash, go-to credit cards, and ID. 

Cash is quickly becoming antiquity and the Card Holder is perfect for the minimalist who still carries cards. The best part is that you can add your initials to it for personalisation. Little touches like that brighten up the wallet as the leather takes on a nice patina.

You can place plenty on the interior and it stays slim and light. Simply push the sides together and load it up with spare change and cash. Even with the interior full, you can still fit a surprising amount of cards. It's a huge haul for such a slim wallet.

The Travel Wallet

Best for travelling with versatility and style. 

This wallet acts as your travelling partner when you're on the go. It's got all the organisational skills that the bi-fold design offers; plus, the hidden envelope corrals all foreign currency. This Travel wallet fits a passport, tickets, cash, several cards and your boarding pass.

The sturdy construction and thoughtful design make it an ideal fit for both old-schoolers and those that bring their own office on the plane with them. When travelling for business, throw it in your carry-on for the flight and easily take it with you in the breast pocket of a suit. The full-grain leather is a requirement for a wallet destined for so many adventures.

The Minimal Wallet

Best for: A minimalism devotee

Life is too short to worry over the little things. Keep it simple with our minimalist wallet. It houses cards, an ID card, and some bills. It's a great place to put all your essentials when you want to head out of the door without stuffing your pockets. Made using full-grain leather, also available for personalisation such as colour and adding your initials.

The Bi-fold Zipper Wallet

Best for: Someone who has everything

This bi-fold leather is all about organization and class. Have a lot of cards but don't want to carry a tacky, bulging, hunk of leather? No one does. On the other hand... a flashy wallet can be a bit too tempting, and we kept this in mind when designing the product. It flies under the radar, but take a closer look and find it to be a one-of-a-kind statement piece. With individual pockets for cards, plus a cash compartment, you can really carry anything and everything. 

Card Phone Cover

Best suited for: Carrying around your iPhone, money, and cards in the same hand without any hassle.

It is ultra-durable, incredibly soft, and rugged; provides complete protection to your phone. The card phone cover is thoughtfully designed for your iPhone and cash. you've got a dedicated pocket for cash, card and a quick access ID. Unlike the usual flip cover with dedicated pockets, it saves you from the struggle of holding the flap on the backside while texting. Intended to integrate E-wallet and manual one, this Card Phone Cover iPhone case is a modern classic.

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