Our story.

How it all began.

The leather accessories market back in 2016 was in two extremes. On one end, you had luxury brands offering quality products at eye-watering prices. On the other, you had local manufacturers selling affordable but poor quality products often made using faux, petroleum-derived leather marketed as leather products. There was a genuine demand for products that represented quality and value, but that demand was going unmet. This inspired us to create Outback.

Outback is a modern luxury brand for lifestyle accessories. We make beautiful products using natural and sustainable materials. We came up with this name after a trip to the heart of Australia. It is one of those final-frontier lands, raw and unspoilt by capitalism. Hundreds of miles go by without another human being in sight, inhabited only by trees and rocks that are ancient and wise. This land is called the Outback; it is our namesake and our inspiration. We want to create products that are not only beautiful, but also conscious of the environment and of the people. This is our story, and we hope you'll be a part of it.


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